We are always looking for reasons for not taking good pictures. Cartier-Bresson used film camera, same lens, no flash, same shutter speed he didn’t need the newest digital equipment to take great photos. We all have access to some subjects that no one else has access to look at your friends’ hobbies, the workplaces of friends and family, and any place you have access to to find a vision that comes uniquely from your access. Many people would dream of having the same access you have, and you might not have considered how valuable your access is.

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  1. echt schöne bilder (:
    Hättest du vielleicht lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen der Blogs ?

    Liebe Grüße Michelle

  2. Wie wahr der Text doch ist. Für gute Fotos bzw. Bilder zu schießen braucht man nicht immer die neuste oder beste Digitalkamera...